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    What’s on my Desk at Work

    Aside from the piles of papers I need to organize, there are several types of supplies both in and on my desk at school.  The following are my go-to supplies for keeping track of my day, and keeping both myself and my students on task. Lesson Plan Notebook I have never gotten the hang of the standard-issue lesson plan books.  There is not enough space in those tiny boxes for me to plan!  I know teachers use them, but I am baffled at how they fit their daily agenda, goals, and notes into the format. Instead, I’ve always used a spiral notebook.  When I first started teaching,  I had a…

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    Ideas to Incorporate into a Teacher Bullet Journal

    I’ve written already about how the Bullet Journal method has helped me stay on top of things at work.  Having all my necessary information in one easy-to-carry notebook is a life-saver.  But, the pages I’ve shown aren’t the only things a teacher could add to a Bullet Journal for work.  Here are ten ideas to help inspire and motivate you to increase your productivity and organization as a teacher. Student Notes A page or two to jot down notes about your students, possibly near to the class roster, becomes a handy reference about students.  Instead of looking up medical information on your learning management system, you can jot down notes…

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    How Keeping a Bullet Journal Increased my Productivity as a Teacher

    Bullet Journaling has become a life-saver for me in terms of keeping on task and not wasting my time at home.  When I went back to work after my month-long medical leave, I decided to try doing a bullet journal for my life at school as well.  I’d thought at first about incorporating school-related activities into my regular bujo, but decided ultimately that keeping things separate would be the best thing.  I didn’t want to lose spreads I needed because I filled up a journal too quickly and had to either migrate a ton of content every few months, or make notes about where the spreads were in a previous…

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    Bullet Journaling on a Budget

    We’ve all seen the pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.  We’ve oohed and ahhed at the beautiful spreads, the near-perfect brush lettering, and the bursts of creativity that comprise some of the most popular accounts dedicated to the bullet journal and its methodology.  And I’m willing to bet most of us have had at least a small twinge of jealousy, if we’re honest with ourselves.  If only I had a set of those Tombow Dual-Brush Pens, then my journal would be so pretty.  I’m stuck using a lined spiral notebook, but I covet that Leuchtturm 1917 or that new Scribbles That Matter A5 journal. Even if we don’t have unlimited funding…

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    A little bit about me

    Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’m Kat.  I write.  I make art.  I co-host a podcast.  I collect many, many things.  I keep organized and plan my schedule with my bullet journal – bullet journals, that is. I am also a high school Latin teacher, and this year, fifteen years in, I finally feel like I’m getting myself organized.  Discovering bullet journaling in the fall of 2017 has changed how I approach my planning, academic and otherwise, and as a result, I am more productive and organized.  I can devote better time to my students, and maintain a more balanced work-family ratio. I look forward to sharing…

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